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What is Snoozecast?

Snoozecast is a recorded bedtime reading for people that need a little help falling asleep by listening to something.

We read mostly public domain literature and occasionally original works, most episodes last about 30 minutes and trail off towards the end

When do new episodes come out?

New episodes come out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday..

Why don't series episodes come out at the same time?

We like to offer a variety of content, but sometimes we’ll continue a story if enough listeners seem interested.

If we were to finish a novel without interspersing other stories, it would take months to complete a single novel, and anyone not following along with that particular story would lose interest.

To keep a variety of content available on a weekly basis, we strive to find balance between new stories and continuing ones. To make it easier to follow a continuing series please visit our series page.

Why don't I play an Audiobook or Youtube instead?

For one, Snoozecast is the perfect length of time for most people to fall asleep, so it won't be playing in the background all night.

Also, sometimes when you when you listen to media that isn't conducive to sleep it might have loud noises or otherwise keep your attention from falling asleep.

Why not just fall asleep in silence?

It can be helpful if you feel like you have a lot of mental chatter to listen to something else, some people find they fall asleep easier if they have something to listen to.
This podcast is designed for folks who have difficulty falling asleep in silence.

What is the best way to listen to Snoozecast?

Although we are listed in the major podcast directories, many of them have auto-play settings built-in that take extra steps to disable — if disabling is an option at all.

For this reason, we recommend bookmarking our website, and playing directly from here, through your phone or computer.

How can I help Snoozecast?

First of all -- thank you! Please consider making a donation on our Patreon page.