Anne of Green Gables pt. 11


Lucy Maud Montgomery

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Tonight, we’ll read the eleventh chapter to “Anne of Green Gables” the classic 1908 novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery. This chapter is titled “Anne’s Impressions of Sunday School”.

In the last episode, titled “Anne’s Apology”, Anne spends the entire next day sulking in her room, avoiding food and nursing her wounded pride. Concerned for Anne, Matthew, who hasn't been upstairs in four years, secretly creeps into her room after Marilla leaves. He persuades Anne to apologize to Mrs. Rachel, knowing Marilla won't change her mind about the punishment. Anne, less furious but still reluctant, agrees to apologize to please Matthew. Satisfied with his success, Matthew hurries away to avoid Marilla's disapproval of his interference.

Anne and Marilla then visit Mrs. Rachel's house, where Anne initially displays shame and remorse. However, midway through the walk, her demeanor shifts to dreaminess. At Mrs. Rachel's, Anne theatrically apologizes, confessing to being a wicked and ungrateful girl. Mrs. Rachel readily accepts the apology, attempting to make amends for her own thoughtlessness by predicting Anne's red hair may turn auburn. Marilla, uneasy about the dramatic apology, senses that Anne enjoyed the punishment. Despite feeling it backfired, Marilla refrains from chastising Anne, and on their way home, Anne's simple gesture of holding Marilla's hand evokes a rush of unexpected maternal warmth, prompting Marilla to regain emotional control by emphasizing good behavior.