Anne of Green Gables pt. 12


Lucy Maud Montgomery

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Tonight, we’ll read the twelfth chapter to “Anne of Green Gables” the classic 1908 novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery. This chapter is titled “A Solemn Vow and Promise”.

In the last episode, titled “Anne’s Impressions of Sunday-School”, Marilla shows Anne the new dresses she has made for her, all of which are embarrassingly unfashionable. The next day, Anne goes to church and Sunday school alone, wearing one of her new ugly dresses. On the way, she picks a bunch of flowers and decorates her otherwise plain hat with them, an eccentric adornment meant to make up for the dress, but that causes other churchgoers to scoff.

After church, Anne reports to Marilla that the service did not impress her. She says that the whole experience was quite unimaginative. Anne was able to survive the boring morning only by daydreaming. Marilla scolds Anne for her inattention at church but inwardly agrees with her. Although she never articulates her own criticisms of the minister and the Sunday school teacher, she, like Anne, has always felt that the church service is rather uninspiring.