Don Quixote pt. 2

July 8, 2019
Miguel de Cervante
photo by
Nik Shuliahin
on unsplash

Tonight, we’ll be reading the second part to Miguel de Cervante’s, “Don Quixote”. Written in the early 1600s of Spain, Don Quixote is considered to be, perhaps, the most influential work from Spanish history. It depicts a nobleman who reads so many romantic adventure novels that he decides to become a knight. In pt. 1, we read chapter one, where Don Quixote decides to become a knight, and sets about in preparation for his adventure: he fashions a homemade suit of armor and cardboard, names his old frail horse, “Rocinante”, and officially proclaims a pretty village girl named Aldonza Lorenzo to be in knightly love with. He renames her Dulcinea del Toboso. He has never actually met her and she may or may not actually exist.