Going It Alone | Woodcraft


George Washington Sears

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Tonight, we’ll read another excerpt from “Woodcraft” published by George Washington Sears, under the pen name "Nessmuk." Sears was a writer and adventurer who penned essays on hunting, fishing, and camping for popular journals and magazines.

This chapter is called “A Ten Day’s Trip in the Wilderness- Going It Alone.” At 40 years old, Sears served in the Civil War. Five years later he traveled up the Amazon River in Brazil.

At the age of 59, a little more than 5 feet tall, weighing less than 105 pounds, and weak with tuberculosis, Sears decided to see if the Adirondack lakes and forests could improve his health. Only then is when his experiences (and plentiful writings) as an Old Adirondack Woodsman began.