Good Wives ch. 7


Louisa May Alcott

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Tonight, we’ll read the 7th chapter to “Good Wives” written by Louisa May Alcott. This is also known as the second half of the “Little Women” novel and is considered the 30th chapter as part of that work as a whole.

Our last episode was the chapter titled “Calls” in which Amy March, the youngest of the March sisters, navigates her social life and responsibilities. Amy is given the task of calling on the various high-society women in their town, a duty she undertakes with a mixture of determination and trepidation. As she visits each home, Amy observes and interacts with the women, learning valuable lessons about social etiquette, personal ambition, and the complexities of adult relationships.

During her calls, Amy encounters a range of characters, from the pretentious and insincere Mrs. Chester to the more genuine and kind-hearted Mrs. Moffat. These interactions provide Amy with insights into the social expectations and superficial judgments that often govern society. Despite feeling somewhat out of place and intimidated, Amy maintains her composure and grace.