Heidi pt. 11


Johanna Spyri

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Tonight, we’ll read the next part to the classic children’s story “Heidi”, published in 1881 by Swiss author Johanna Spyri. If you’d like to start from the beginning, you’ll find that the very first episode aired on March 8th, 2019. If you’d like to listen to this continuing story in order, go to snoozecast.com/series.

“Heidi” is a novel about the life of a young girl in her grandfather's care in the Swiss Alps. “Heidi” is one of the best-selling books ever written and is among the best-known works of Swiss literature.

In the previous episode, Sebastian, Mr. Sesemann’s servant, is ordered to take Heidi back to her mountain home. Heidi’s first stop as she hikes up the mountain is to Peter’s grandmother. They have a joyous reunion and then Heidi sets off higher up the mountain towards Grandfather. She is warned by Peter’s mother Brigida to be careful with Grandfather as he has been even more like an unfriendly hermit since she left.