King Awkward and the Fairies


Madame de Murat

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Tonight, we’ll read “King Awkward and Princess Sweetheart” an adaptation by Snoozecast of “Princess Sweetheart” from “The Pink Fairy Book” edited by Andrew Lang.

This story was originally found in the “Library of Genius and Fairies” written by Madame de Murat, a French aristocrat and writer of the late 1600s. She published many stories that she first debuted at the fashionable literary salons of her time, and was considered one of the leaders of the “fairy-tale vogue.”

After several years of success and recognition, Madame de Murat was imprisoned and then exiled, being accused of debauchery and “shocking practices and beliefs”. Although she failed at an attempt to escape wearing the disguise of men’s clothing, she did continue to write her body of works for several years after that.