Persuasion pt. 6


Jane Austen

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Tonight, we shall read the next part to “Persuasion”, the last novel fully completed by Jane Austen, and published in 1817. The story concerns Anne Elliot, a twenty-seven year old Englishwoman, whose family moves in order to lower their expenses and reduce their debt, by renting their home to an Admiral and his wife.

In the last episode, Anne Elliot visits Uppercross and is struck by the stark contrast between the concerns of the Musgroves and those of her family at Kellynch Hall. Despite the short distance between the two places, the conversations and interests at Uppercross revolve around local and everyday matters like hunting, household management, and social gatherings, rather than the weighty and publicized affairs of Kellynch. Anne learns a humbling lesson about her own insignificance outside her familiar circle and resolves to integrate herself into Uppercross life, finding solace in the genuine sympathy of her friend Lady Russell.

Anne's stay at Uppercross proves manageable, as she gets along with her sister Mary, enjoys the company of her nephews, and recognizes Charles Musgrove's amiable nature, despite his lack of intellectual zeal. She often acts as a mediator between her sister and the Musgroves, trying to balance their complaints and grievances. Anne's spirits are lifted by the change of scenery and subjects, and the visit of the Crofts, the new tenants of Kellynch Hall, stirs her emotions as they mention Captain Wentworth, a significant figure from her past.