Pride and Prejudice pt. 41


Jane Austen

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Tonight, we shall read the next part to “Pride and Prejudice”, written by Jane Austen.

In the last episode, Elizabeth’s father stuns her with his congratulations on her upcoming engagement. He reads a letter he received from Mr. Collins in which Elizabeth is cautioned not to go forward with an engagement to Darcy against Lady Catherine's wishes. Mr. Bennet thinks this is simply a ridiculous rumor because he is certain that Elizabeth hates Darcy and that Darcy is indifferent to her. Elizabeth fakes laughter to hide her embarrassment about her father's misjudgment while she privately wonders if her father might be on to something. Could she have overestimated Darcy's interest?

A few days later, Darcy and Bingley visit Longbourn. They all go for a walk and Elizabeth and Darcy soon find themselves alone. Elizabeth cannot contain her gratitude any longer for all that Darcy suffered and sacrificed for Lydia. Darcy tells Elizabeth that he did everything for her.

Darcy says his feelings for her have not changed since his rejected proposal. Elizabeth confesses that her feelings have significantly changed. Darcy is overjoyed. That is where we will resume our story.