The Golden Mermaid


The Brothers Grimm

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Tonight, we’ll read the fairy tale “The Golden Mermaid” from the “Green Fairy Book”. In this story, three princes are sent on a quest by their father, to find who it is who steals the golden apples from the King's tree. The youngest son befriends a wolf who is in reality a magician. With the aid of the wolf, the prince sets out to attempt an impossible task. Snoozecast first aired this story back in March of 2020.Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were German academics, linguists, and folklorists. Their legacy is enshrined in their monumental work, "Grimm's Fairy Tales," which comprises folk stories collected from oral traditions across Germany and Europe. Despite facing adversity in their early lives, they dedicated themselves to scholarship and preserving cultural heritage.Their profound impact on literature transcends generations and borders. Through meticulous research and dedication, they compiled and edited tales that continue to enchant and inspire readers worldwide.