The Magic Cloak pt. 3


L. Frank Baum

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Tonight, we’ll read the third part to our The Magic Cloak series, from the book "Queen Zixi of Ix, or The Story of the Magic Cloak", a children's book written by L. Frank Baum and published in 1905. The events of the book alternate between Noland and Ix, two neighboring regions to the Land of Oz. 

Baum, who also wrote the Wizard of Oz, commented this was the best book he had written. This episode will start at the opening of Chapter Four. In the last episode, the kingdom of Noland’s high counselors are trying to decide how to choose a successor to the dead king. It turns out that there is an obscure law that the forty-seventh person to pass through the gates would be declared ruler. Meanwhile, orphaned children Meg, AKA Fluff, and Timothy, AKA Bud, along with their stern Aunt Rivette, are headed for town when Meg is gifted a magic cloak by a fairy. The magic cloak brings her a magical happiness.