The Magic Cloak pt. 9


L. Frank Baum

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Tonight, we’ll read the next part to our “Magic Cloak” series, from the book “Queen Zixi of Ix, or The Story of the Magic Cloak”, a children's book written by L. Frank Baum and published in 1905.

“The Magic Cloak” episode one aired on Nov 11, 2019. If you’d like to listen to this continuing story easily in order, go to

The events of the book alternate between Noland and Ix, two neighboring regions to the Land of Oz.  Baum, who also wrote “The Wizard of Oz”, commented this was the best book he had written.

In the last episode, Tillydib, the lord high purse-bearer, is wearing the cloak when he wishes the royal purse would never run out of coins. Then we are introduced to the beautiful witch Queen Zixi. Her one weakness is that her true face shows in mirrors, so she has them all hidden. When she learns about the magic cloak, she sets out to steal it, in order to never have to see how ugly she really looks.