The Magic Well


Hume Cook

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Tonight we’ll read an Australian fairy tale called “The Magic Well” written by Hume Cook and published in 1925.

The author wrote this preface:

“The Stories in this little book have been set down almost in the same words in which they were told. How the telling of them came about is a very simple matter. Having three children, each of whom loved a Fairy Tale, it somehow became the fashion, on Sunday evenings, to tell them a story.

On one occasion, when the youngest member was just about to be taken to bed, his sister said; “None of the books about Fairies ever say a word about Australia! Are there any Australian Fairies, Father?”

Somewhat hastily, perhaps, I answered: “Why, yes, of course! Whole tribes of them!”

Instantly the order went forth: “Then you will please tell us about them the very next time you tell us a story!”