The Moon Maid


Edgar Rice Burroughs

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Tonight, we’ll read the opening to “The Moon Maid”, a fantasy novel written by Edgar Rice Burroughs and published in 1926.This novel constitutes a future history, and in it Burroughs' vision of what the 20th century held in store for humanity, which could be considered a kind of retroactive alternate history. In Burroughs's vision, in 1967 the planetary rulers send a first manned spacecraft to the Moon—coinciding very near to the actual 1969 date of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. Of course, in Burrough’s version, the moon turns out to be teeming with life.This is the second time Snoozecast has featured early science fiction from Burroughs. You can also listen to “A Princess of Mars” that aired on June 14, 2019.