The Princess and the Goblin pt. 10


George MacDonald

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Tonight, we’ll read the next part to “The Princess and the Goblin”, a children’s fantasy novel, published in 1872.

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One of the most successful and beloved of Victorian fairy tales, George Macdonald’s “The Princess and the Goblin” tells the story of young Princess Irene and her friend Curdie, who must outwit the threatening goblins who live in caves beneath her mountain home.

When we left off, cave creatures, which descend from commonplace animals but have turned grotesque after generations without sunlight, enjoy playing in the moonlight now that they have a way out of the cave system at night. Meanwhile, Irene knows she has an important date to meet with the mysterious old woman upstairs. Instead, a cave cat jumps in her window and frightens her into running out into the dark. She makes her way back home by following the guiding light of her great-grandmother’s beacon.