The Princess and the Goblin pt. 4


George MacDonald

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Tonight, we’ll read part 4 to "The Princess and the Goblin", a children’s fantasy novel, published in 1872. One of the most successful and beloved of Victorian fairy tales, George Macdonald’s "The Princess and the Goblin" tells the story of young Princess Irene and her friend Curdie, who must outwit the threatening goblins who live in caves beneath her mountain home. When we left off, the princess and her nurse Lootie go for a walk and get lost. As they try to make their way back, the day gets later and the shadows longer. Lootie is afraid of breaking the most important rule- to never let the princess be out in the dark, due to goblin issues.  Luckily, they meet a mining boy named Curdie who helps them back to safety.