The Story of the Herons pt. 2


Laurence Housman

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Tonight, we’ll read the second half of “The Story of the Herons,” from a collection titled “Moonshine and Clover” written by Laurence Housman and published in 1922. The first half aired last week.

In the previous episode, a princess was cursed to fall in love at first sight to whatever creature she saw. She was kept safely away, blind to the world, except for occasional walks in the forest with a blindfold on. A wicked fairy takes her blindfold off, and she falls in love with a heron that happens to be fishing in front of her.

The loving parents of the princess choose to allow the princess to be turned into a heron to be with her mate. The good fairy explains that if the heron falls in love with her on a level deeper than a heron typically could, like on a human level, they could both be transformed into humans instead of birds.

Soon after, it is learned that the heron princess has laid two eggs in her nest.