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George Washington Sears

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Tonight, we’ll read our second-to-last selection in our “Woodcraft” series, published by George Washington Sears, under the pen name "Nessmuk."

Sears was a writer and adventurer who penned essays on hunting, fishing, and camping for popular journals and magazines.

This episode will feature the last chapter of the “Woodcraft” book.

Next month, for the final episode in the series, we will read selections of the author’s poetry, published as “Forest Runes”.

In this episode, the author discusses his preference for clinker-built canoes over other styles. A Clinker-built (also known as lapstrake) is a method of boat building in which the edges of hull planks overlap each other. Clinker-built ships were a trademark of Northern European navigation throughout the Middle Ages, particularly of the longships of the Viking raiders and traders.