March 17, 2021

It works! Fantastic folks that feel like friends



“My husband and I have been listening to episodes of Snoozecast for about 4 months, as it’s the most effective way we’ve found to let go of neurotic and intrusive thoughts and drift off to sleep that we’ve found. The readers are wonderful, striking just the right balance between speaking slowly enough to relax you but still normally enough that you can focus on the story to break out of the rest of your stressy thoughts from the busy day, and the average 21 -35 minutes is enough to send me off to dreamland. I don’t have to change the playback speed so the next day I’m not messed up when I put on music or another podcast, and I always set the end of episode sleep timer. I have only ever reached the end (long fade out still reading) a couple of times. I love their selections, classic novels and century-old non-fiction are the perfect thing! Thanks guys, you feel like friends to us now"