February 4, 2021

Love it!



“So this is my story of how I found snooze cast. Me and my cousin were trying to fall asleep while on vacation and we just couldn’t. Eventually after a few hours of restlessness we fell asleep. We both woke up tired the next morning. And so we decided we would figure out how to fall asleep. I had been listing to stories to fall asleep but I would find myself staying awake to hear the end then I would juts stay up. So the next day we were searching for ways to fall asleep faster and one source said that some podcasts helped so my and my cousin started looking and we found snooze cast. We both fell asleep in ten minutes at most. And today, one year later we are both still using sooner cast daily to help get us through this tough time. And neither of us can fall asleep any other way. So thank you snooze cast team for everything you do!”